Monday, August 2, 2010

Maulana Saad Advices


We should understand all aspects of this work. Another very
special quality to be found in this work is jaami’iyyat, i.e. to unite
all works of Deen taking place in the world, all the various
branches. This is the greatest and most essential aspect and
quality of this work.

We have absolutely no objection whatsoever to the works of
Deen that are taking place in the world. We have to be very
careful about our speech and utterances. Respected brothers! We
have absolutely no right whatsoever to denigrate, to belittle, to
reject and rundown the benefit of any other aspect of Deen
whether this is done via our speech or our thought. This is
something which will bring about disunity in the Ummat. We are
here to collaborate, work with others and bring everyone
together. There is absolutely no basis, ground and permission to
look down on any aspect of Deen.

Understand that Ta’leem (Tadrees,to educate), Tabligh, Taswwuf are all the
works of Nubbuwwat. Only a foolish person will consider one
aspect of Nubuwwat in conflict to another aspect of the work of
Nubuwwat. In my opinion, I do not see any one more foolish and
ignorant than this (it is the height of ignorance).

Reference : Priceless Advices – For all Workers of Deen,(The Book is a Transcribed Bayan of Maulana Muhammad Sa’d Sahib, a senior member of the Nizamuddeen Markaz, India.) - The Book is Prepared Under The Guidance Of the Renowned Orator, Maulana Ahmed Khatani, Durban.

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