Monday, January 7, 2013

Mufti Mahmud Hasan (RAH) : The Sufi who recruited two Hazratji for Tabligh Jamat

Initially, Hadrat Maulana Muhammad Yusuf (RAH) and Maulana In’amul Hasan (RAH) , the last Amir of the Tabligh Jama’at, did not pay much attention to  the effort of the Tabligh Jama’at.

They were more engrossed in the academic field. Hadrat Maulana Ilyas (RAH) appointed Hadrat Mufti Sahib (RAH) to the task of turning their attention towards the effort.

Consequently, Hadrat Wala (RAH) used some strategy and  wisdom to discuss with them on various occasions, thereby dispelling their objections and doubts. In this manner, he managed to turn their attention towards the effort of the Tabligh Jama’at.

On one occasion, Hadrat Maulana Muhammad Yusuf (RAH) was passing by the Hardoi station by train. Hadrat Wala (RAH) was staying in Hardoi at the time and he led a large group of people from Hardoi town to the station to meet Hadrat Maulana Muhammad Yusuf (RAH). When Hadrat Maulana Muhammad Yusuf (RAH) saw Hadrat Mufti Sahib (RAH), he called him closer and said to him, “Many questions have cropped up. First solve them before we have to meet anyone.”

Hadrat Mufti Sahib (RAH) answered the questions quickly and only then did the people get to meet Hadrat Maulana (RAH).

Hadrat Maulana (RAH) then said to Hadrat Mufti Sahib (RAH), “Initially you used to be behind us all the time. Now that you have got us involved, you have taken the back seat. Now you do not even ask about us.”

 Hadrat Mufti Sahib (RAH) replied, “We have fulfilled the task  that was  assigned to us and have succeeded. Do allow someone to sit in some corner to study books otherwise you will be unable to find someone to answer your questions.”

When the objections of Maulana In’amul Hasan (RAH) were settled and he was satisfied with the effort of the Tabligh Jama’at, he was so pleased that he had a kurta and trousers  set made and presented it to Hadrat Mufti Sahib (RAH). In the early years of the Tabligh Jama’at, Hadrat Mufti Sahib (RAH) used to be accompany Hadrat Shaikh (RAH) and participate in the mashwarah (consultations) of Hadrat Maulana Ilyas (RAH).

When Hadrat Maulana (RAH) was on his deathbed, Hadrat Mufti Sahib (RAH) spent approximately an entire month in Nizamuddin in his service.

“We are the manufacturers while you are the  carriers”:

On one occasion, Maulana In’amul Hasan (RAH) quoted the statement of Hadrat Mufti Sahib (RAH), who said to him: “We are the manufacturers (of Ulama in the Madrasahs) while you are the carriers (who send them to various countries for the effort of Tabligh)”.

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